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This is a platform focused on the health and wellbeing of men in Australia.

Working with Men

Men’s wellbeing and health is a serious issue with ripple effects for everyone. Despite the fact that Australia is one of the world’s healthiest countries, men still have a lower chance of living healthy lives. They suffer from more disease, have less access to support services, and die younger. This is due to various social factors.

Research has shown that in order to improve men’s wellbeing and health, it is essential to address the underlying social issues such as boys’ education, fatherhood experiences, work-life balance, social connections, and access to male-friendly services.

It is all this that the Working with Men provides through a network of organisations and individuals and resources that shape our understanding and help us live better and healthier lives. This platform aims to address the male health crisis, thereby creating a healthier future for boys and men.


The emergence of COVID-19 and its spread has significant effects on every aspect of our lives. This includes the socio-economic aspects and more importantly, the health aspects. With millions of people dead as a result of the virus all over the world, recent research has been looking at the relationship between coronavirus and gender, and there is a lot to see.


Check out the various programs that are incorporated into our event and how all these programs benefit men’s health.


Social Activity

There are several activities designed to help improve men’s health and wellbeing through the provision of information, access to resources, and connecting men with the right solutions. Read More

Men’s Health Facts

Discover things you didn’t know about men’s health and all the factors that affect men’s health in the long run. This includes identifying the gender gap in terms of health and how male behaviour affects their health, among many others. Read More

Male Suicide Prevention

There is a need for a specially designed strategy for preventing male suicide, especially as the current strategy and services in place is not getting to men at risk. Read More

Male Friendly Services

There is a need for physical and mental health services that are tailored specifically for men and will meet their unique needs. This is absent in the world today, and the effects of that are seen in its adverse impact on the wellbeing and health of men. Read More

International Men’s Day

19th of November, every year is International Men’s day and a good day to have serious conversations about men’s health and masculinity. Read More

Men’s Health Week

The men’s health week is a week to celebrate men and talk more about their health. Read More

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