Working with Men

International Men’s Day

About the International Men’s Day

19th of November, every year is International Men’s day and a good day to have serious conversations about men’s health and masculinity. Over 80 countries all over the world celebrate this day, and in Australia, it is a great day to;

  • Celebrate boys and men with all their diversity
  • Make a difference in the lives of boys and men in your community
  • Highlight the social issues faced by boys and men
  • Have some fun.

This day can be marked and celebrated in different ways, and whichever way you choose is acceptable. Most celebrations on this day usually have any of some of these objectives;

  • Acknowledging the contributions of boys and men in our society
  • Valuing and appreciating male role models
  • Tackling disadvantage and discrimination
  • Improving male health
  • Making the world safer for everyone
  • Fostering positive relations between gender.

If you are planning to celebrate the day, there are different ways you can choose to do this. This includes;

Know Your Man Facts Talk

This is a presentation that serves as a great way to start a conversation about men. The presentation has already been designed, which means all you have to do is present it to your audience after modifying it to suit your taste. The talk gives factual and easy to understand information on men’s health, conversation starters and tips on how boys and men can improve their health and lives. The talk includes;

  • Health tips – five things you shouldn’t do
  • Lifestyle and social tips – five things you should do
  • Five facts about men’s health
  • A quiz on the know your man facts.

There is a toolkit for this that contains everything you need, including speaker notes.

Memes and Posters

Use the International men’s day posters to start a conversation about any issue related to the male population.  There are 20 posters available covering various themes and what that means for you is twenty topics that you can talk about at any event you organise to mark the day. It is the perfect way to celebrate this day, and the posters are diverse enough to cover any issue that affects you and your community specifically. Poster topics include;

  • What are the things men can do to stay mentally healthy?
  • What masculine traits you admire most in men
  • Do boys need to spend time with adult men to help their transition to manhood?
  • Who should handle the most responsibility for the financial security of family
  • Should dads and mums have equal responsibility in raising the children?
  • What can we do to make schools work better for boys?
  • What actions can we take to help boys and men live longer?
  • Why are your mates important?
  • Who are the men who have the biggest influence in your life?
  • Do we need global action to prevent violence against boys and men?