Working with Men

Social Activity

Cultural and Social activities

There are several activities designed to help improve men’s health and wellbeing through the provision of information, access to resources, and connecting men with the right solutions. The conference also includes various social and cultural activities that make the event and give attendees opportunities to interact in an informal setting. Available social activities;


Immerse yourself in the many cultural activities at the conference. The highlight of which will be a corroboree with dancers from across Australia. The organising committee for the Aboriginal Men’s Health Gathering will also be hosting a Corroboree to celebrate the wisdom, beauty, and knowledge of the Aboriginal culture. The committee has invited Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal dance groups from all over Australia to attend the event and perform their dances at the Corroboree which will be held at Terrigal Beach and foreshore. This event is an opportunity for Aboriginal men and boys to share stories and dance whilst also showing Aboriginal culture’s beauty. It will be a chance for the community to experience and be part of the vibrant celebrations of the world’s oldest culture. A corroboree is a cultural event in which the Aborigines use music, costume, and dance to interact with the Dreamtime. Bodies are painted in different ways, and adornments are worn for this dance. It can be a private or public ceremony. Any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance groups that wish to perform at the Corroboree can get in touch with the organising community.

AMHF Awards and Gala Dinner

The conference also incorporates the Australian Men’s Health Forum Awards Gala Dinner. The prestigious awards will be given to honour and celebrate women and men who have made significant contributions to the field of men’s wellbeing and health. The information on the awards at the dinner will be given by the organising committee. Tickets for this event will be included as part of the conference fees, or attendees can pay for it separately.

Cultural Tours

Home to over 7000 registered Aboriginal sites; the Central Coast is recorded to have one of the largest numbers of Aboriginal sacred sites in a condensed area within Australia. These sites include cave paintings, carved petroglyphs, stone quarries and midden sites. The Gathering will showcase the strength of traditional and contemporary cultural knowledge that is still alive and prominent not only on the Central Coast but also throughout NSW.  Cultural tours will be offered to conference participants on our last day of the conference.

This location provides a lot of great spots that participants in the conference can visit. The tours offer an opportunity for participants to increase their cultural knowledge and also know new places.

The social activities also serve as a great opportunity to network with other people and make connections that will continue to be beneficial long after the conference has ended. Most of the social activities are free or require a small price to get the ticket.